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The MICANO Home & Garden story

In 2003, Micano Home moved into the neighborhood hoping to form an alliance with artist and a few business's in the neighborhood. In 2007 Micano Home started Midtown District along with three other business's. Today Midtown is a household name in Reno. Standing up for handmade and local as a foundation should set Micano's apart from any store in Reno, yet alone most stores is America. Reno has long been a town with-out a local shopping corridor, and has long been unrepresented in the upcycled and reinvented furniture market.

We bring a local brand together with locally sourced materials to give you a distinct flavor of handmade home goods with a parochial charm. And never seen before one off items that Micano's produces on the daily. It's our biggest dream to give Reno a lifeblood that will endure time. This lifeblood could change Reno into the robust city we all want, but it has to start within. Are you connective enough to support your own city and your own kind? Because this is our city and we built it, but we can't have an art community without you.

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