The MICANO Home & Garden story.

In 2003, Micano Home moved into the neighborhood hoping to form an alliance with artist and a community that supports sustainable handmade goods. Having a unique opportunity to make, buy and sell only hand made goods has in return, set Micano apart from all other stores in the Reno area.

In 2007, Micano Home, along with two other businesses, started the Midtown corridor now simply known as "MidTown". We believed in our community and as it turns out, they showed us love back and that kind of bond is exactly what we dreamed of. Micano Home has been and is involved with the Midtown business community and it's owner is the longest serving board member. With a devotion to primarily handmade art and similar home decor as the foundation of our strength, we are very happy to have done our part to establish our part of the local landscape as a true "art community". Long live Midtown, hail the RENO-Vation!

In 2017, Micano Home slightly revamped it's footprint and tuned it's offerings toward attracting the newer residents to the community who have not been previously exposed to our brand of "grass root's and battle born style", which we affectionately term as "red-neckery" and "electric cowpoke". We see the need to preserve our Nevada history and up-cycling old items from our historical record is our way of ensuring that everyone can be exposed to what this great state is all about and how all of this game to be. Were Nevada strong and were also Nevada proud. We want "Navada-cana" in every home and garden.